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Interested in triathlon, running, cycling, adventure racing, improving your fitness and trying new adventures? Learn more about Continuum Coaching and see if we are a good fit!

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Where’s Your Bad Ass Athlete?

Is your inner “bad ass athlete” begging to try an ultra, do a half marathon, ride a multi-day bike event or compete in an Ironman? But your 30, 40, 50 year old “responsible self” can’t figure out how to make it happen with your already busy life?

It’s time to let your “bad ass” out to play! – With the right combination of realistic goal setting, thoughtful, balanced planning and a desire to have fun, you absolutely can develop the fitness and confidence to accomplish your dreams. I know, I let my “bad ass” out, and embraced a life I love and have never looked back!

Mission Statement
My goal at Continuum Coaching is to help men and women discover the joy of pursuing their endurance adventures through realistic goal setting, developing a plan to reach them, and providing feedback and encouragement along the way.
Goal Setting
Are you over 35 and have been waiting to pursue new adventures or seemingly unrealistic athletic endeavors but you can’t wrap your head around how to start or you don’t have someone who can help you picture what it will look like? Let’s sit down and talk about it. Having someone to talk with about your dreams without being judged or laughed at makes space for us to consider if and how we get you there.  There is nothing worse than having a dream but not sharing and not pursuing it because you are worried about what others will think and say. Who cares what they say! Setting realistic goals with reasonable timelines allows us to develop a plan that will get you there!
Success Stories
  • Barry Cross – Finished 18th at ITU Olympic Worlds in Beijing, China 2011
  • Nicole Robilotto – Completed her first sprint triathlon running strong and smiling.
  • Julie “Jewels” Sturgeon – Finished 13th at ITU Sprint Worlds in Beijing, China
  • Nancy Scott – Qualified for the Boston Marathon at her first marathon.
  • Christine Homer – Trained for and completed 3 century bike rides in one summer
  • Margaret Tennant – Completed the Copper Triangle 3 years in a row while battling PD.