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My focus is on coaching and empowering men and women 35+ who are interested in endurance events. Why 35+ you ask? I looked all over the country for a coach who worked primarily with 35+ athletes and I couldn’t find one. I started ultra-running after 30 and I started doing tris after 35, and that was 15 years ago. What I need from a coach and a training plan today is very different than what I needed when I was 35. I want to provide athletes looking at 40+ with an amazing opportunity to look at their options and chase their dreams. If you are 35+ and you want to discover your “bad ass athlete” by doing any of these, then let’s talk.

  • Triathlons
  • Ultra-Running
  • Multi-day Cycling Events
  • Adventure Races
  • Improving Your Fitness

Everyone I coach has their own individual goals and training program through TrainingPeaks.com. We also enjoy the opportunity of training together once or twice a week. These workouts are optional and tailored for all levels of fitness. Group workouts often include: red rocks boot camp, Sunday morning trail runs, long course swim at a local pool, snow shoe runs in the foothills, etc. We spend time working out as a group (with a wide range of ability) to get stronger, share experiences and have more fun while we train. Whether attempting your first endurance bike ride, doing your first Ironman triathlon, winning your age group or running an ultra in the Rockies I will provide the tools, support and feedback you need to reach your goals.


About Beth & Continuum Coaching

Beth Tennant, Continuum CoachingI started doing triathlons in my late 30’s after a stint as an ultra-runner who trained hard without direction. I was so beat up from ultra-trail running (running the Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango in 14 days was my premier event) that I decided to do triathlons as a way to cross train and let my body heal. I never imagined I would become as passionate about triathlons as I am about trail running and riding my bike up mountains!

I began coaching at the age of 15, teaching girls how to play softball and, more importantly, how to enjoy sports, work as a team and have fun. I continued coaching through my high school years and college, including both individual and team sports such as cross-country, softball & tennis.

I learned early on that I am at my best when providing the same inspiration and education to others that I had received from excellent coaches who had influenced my life.

usat-logoAs a certified USAT coach, a member of the Vanguard Endurances Coach Mentoring program, an ultra-runner, triathlete, & competitive cyclist I have my education, experience, network and passion to draw on to provide you with the best tools.

Coaching is a form of leadership which inspires others to perform at their very best, sometimes beyond what they perceive to be their own limits. I love helping others experience the joy and excitement that results from setting and reaching (or exceeding) their goals … attempting something they had never thought they could do and celebrating their personal victories.

Here is a brief overview of my competitive highlights as an endurance athlete…

Triathlons, Regional

Triathlons, National

Triathlons, International

  • Ironman Couer D’Alene
  • ITU Worlds Olympic Championships – Gold Coast, Australia – 11th
  • 2011 ITU World Championships – Beijing, China – 12th AG

Ultra-Running, Xterra Adventures

  • Ran the Colorado Trail, 480 miles, from Denver to Durango in 14 days.
  • Mount Evans Ascent – Finished!
  • Jeremy Wright Snowshoe Race – Finished!
  • Imogene Pass Trail Race
  • Lory Xterra – Fort Collins, CO – 2nd AG
  • Ultimate XC Race – Moab, UT – 50K trail race – 1st in Masters Women


I help people who want to achieve, regardless of the event, distance or starting point, by providing resources, direction and support. My success as a coach is built on my experience, education and network. I’ve had my USAT Level 1 Coaching Certification for 4+ years and I participate in the Vanguard Triathlon Coach Mentor Program. Both these programs keep me on the cutting edge of the science, psychology, technology and the physical aspects of getting fit, training and racing. I am committed to working with you to discover your “bad ass athlete” through listening, learning and having fun.


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