Ready to find your bad ass athlete?

Are You Considering…

  • Challenging yourself to a new race distance?
  • What it would be like to train and race injury free?
  • How fantastic you would feel when you finished your very first triathlon?
  • Registering for an ultra-marathon but have no idea where to start?
  • Riding your bike for multiple days?
  • How to get into shape in order to have the body you thought you’d have after 35?

Beth Tennant, Continuum CoachingThen it is time for us to talk.

The thought of adding one more thing to do is overwhelming and yet you know somewhere in the back of your head that you want to try. You have this sense that it is time to do something for you but you aren’t sure where to start.

With family, work, commuting, kids, social activities and more it is easy to feel out of balance. And the guilt associated with even thinking about fitting in a workout for you hardly makes it worth the effort.


I believe there are 2 key elements to coaching.

The first is realistic goal setting. Taking the time to think about what YOU really want and how YOU measure success is critical. I use a method for setting goals that considers short & long term goals and quantitative & qualitative goals. Some days success is just getting out the door for a run while other days success is measured by speed and power.

This could be you!The second key element is the design of a training plan that provides athletes with the road map to reach their goals. Planning your days and weeks so that there is time for you to get a quality workouts completed without the guilt but with all the performance results you want.

I know how hard it can be to get it all done so I keep it simple and fun.

Don’t let this stage of your life pass without chasing your dreams. You’ve spent the last 20-30 years building your career, taking care of kids and parents, developing lasting friendships and serving your community – Now it’s time for you to focus on YOU.

Are you ready to get healthy, compete or try new things?

  • Full-service coaching including phone, email & face-to-face access, training schedule on and full ongoing fitness evaluations. ($199/month)
  • Schedule in, limited communication and specific fitness evaluations. ($150/month)
  • I have other options for unique situations so please contact me so we can discuss.

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