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C. Bleess"Beth has changed who I am as an athlete. I have been working with her for the past year and have improved more than I ever imagined. She coached me through a 70.3 triathlon and a 50k run, plus many other shorter races. I had previously attempted to do two 70.3 triathlons and a 50k run. I DNFed in both the triathlons and got an overuse injury before the 50k. Beth’s carefully constructed training plan got me through the entire season (10+ races) without any injuries and I completed all the races…in faster times and with a bigger smile on my face at the end. Beth listened to me and what I wanted in my training plan, as well as pushed me beyond what I thought I could ever do. She knew just how much to push to see incredible improvement without burning me out or causing injury. She knew I was capable of much more than I thought I was. Beth went swimming, biking, and running with me to look at my form and give me tips on how to be more efficient in each sport. I also appreciate the amount of contact I have with Beth. I don’t ever feel like I can’t call, text, or email her with any questions or concerns, and she always gets back to me in a very timely manner. Investing in a coach is a wise decision. Investing in Beth as your coach is not only wise, it’s life changing!"
Continuum Coaching
Tyler Walton"As a father of three children and husband who travels I had to find a coach that is not only great at coaching but coaching someone that has a lot on his plate. Coach Beth understands that endurance sports for me is a small part of my life. She works hard to get me ready for races knowing that I have to make the most of every minute. She understands my family and work priorities and is getting me ready for Ironman CDA in 2012. BOOO YAAAAA"
Continuum Coaching
Julie "Jewels" Sturgeon"I have had the great privilege to know Beth as an athlete and as a coach. Beth’s dedication and passion for her athletes is very impressive. No matter what your goal may be and your reasons for participating in the sport; Beth truly wants you to succeed! She doesn’t just limit her focus to physical training but also is well aware of the powerful role of psychology in success. Beth has helped me with my mind set, encouraged my strengths and helped me identify strengths I didn’t realize I had. This is such an empowering process that it has not only changed the way I race but it has changed my life. Beth truly believes in her athletes and will voice this to you during the most difficult times."
Continuum Coaching
“In 2010 I owned a bicycle but didn’t ride it. I decided that I’d like to ride a bit over the summer and the next thing you know I had a goal to complete a century ride. As someone who has never set a fitness goal beyond weight loss to fit in my clothes, this was a significant undertaking.

Christine HomerBeth created my training plan, talked with me about nutrition, and followed-up with me to make sure I was working the plan, feeling good, and on track to achieve my goal. The day of the ride Beth called to make sure I had successfully finished, which I had, and I felt great. My response was, “Of course I finished. What else would I do? We prepared for me to ride 100 miles today so I did.” With Beth’s support and guidance I had the confidence in myself to not just meet my goal, but to feel good about it at the end of the day.

In 2011 I completed 3 century rides, and now I’m looking for my next goal. With Beth’s help I’m assured success.”
Continuum Coaching
Annie Walton"Beth has helped me achieve goals I never thought possible. Each time I select an event she helps me successfully execute the race from start to finish. I love having someone with knowledge on my team who can teach me how to train smart and with purpose."

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