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“In 2010 I owned a bicycle but didn’t ride it. I decided that I’d like to ride a bit over the summer and the next thing you know I had a goal to complete a century ride. As someone who has never set a fitness goal beyond weight loss to fit in my clothes, this was a significant undertaking.

Christine HomerBeth created my training plan, talked with me about nutrition, and followed-up with me to make sure I was working the plan, feeling good, and on track to achieve my goal. The day of the ride Beth called to make sure I had successfully finished, which I had, and I felt great. My response was, “Of course I finished. What else would I do? We prepared for me to ride 100 miles today so I did.” With Beth’s support and guidance I had the confidence in myself to not just meet my goal, but to feel good about it at the end of the day.

In 2011 I completed 3 century rides, and now I’m looking for my next goal. With Beth’s help I’m assured success.”

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